Born in London, England, Chas moved with his family to Connecticut, USA. In 1988, Chas and his family immigrated to Canada and settled in West Vancouver where Chas graduated from West Vancouver Secondary School.

As an investment banker and avid jet setter, Chas has traveled to over 25 countries (and counting) in the world making valuable connections. With a deep understanding of different cultures and languages, as well as, a human network that surpasses most others, Chas can connect his clients to a much broader stage across the globe and in Vancouver.

The Vancouver Real Estate Market is as global as it can get – work with an agent who can navigate you through the diversity and can help you find the right opportunity.

Chas with Bill Clinton In Café Havana, Cartagena, Colombia (2014)


In 1992 Chas moved with his family to West Vancouver. Chas attended Shawnigan Lake School before moving to West Vancouver School to complete his senior secondary education.

During his childhood years, Chas was an active member of the youth community competing and a range of sports and taking part in a number of community events.

West vancouver Realtor Chas Woodyer


Assistant Vice President

With industry-leading investment banking strategies, Chas, Assistant Vice President, was responsible for several award-winning finance deals and raised over a billion dollars in financing. Based in London, England and Vancouver, BC, Chas was responsible for developing potential client relationships, bank marketing and deal negotiations.

Prudence, critical analysis, as well as, a solid experience in the global finance industry is what allowed him to perform at a higher level in an extremely competitive and cut-throat environment.



Managing Director

Chas founded Altamont Productions to help companies market their business and products. Curating top quality video content for a diverse array of entities, spanning from junior mining and exploration all the way to the Clinton Foundation.  Chas led Altamont Productions to assist these agencies to better position themselves in front of their audiences to maximize their exposure and reach.

Chas can bring this deep experience in connecting with the human audience to the real estate industry in Vancouver and help you sell your home.



Real Estate Professional, West Vancouver

In 2016, Chas joined one of the most prestigious real estate brokerages in Vancouver, Angell Hasman & Associates, as a Realtor® to service the North Shore and Vancouver communities.

Bringing the international experiences and a diverse career background, Chas is well prepared for this dynamic client-oriented industry to bring quality service and excellence in negotiation.


REALTOR®, Negotiation Expert

Speaks: English

Chas is a Realtor who brings a wealth of experience in marketing and communications, international finance, global luxury experience and entrepreneurship, to help his clients navigate the diverse and ever-changing real estate market in Vancouver. As a West Vancouver resident, Chas is well-connected to the local community and is able to provide an intimate knowledge of the homes and surrounding neighbourhoods attractions in and around the North Shore.

With experience travelling to over 25 countries (and counting), Chas is passionate about the diversity of cultures, languages, and the importance of human connection. As both a global and locally-minded citizen, Chas is a reputable agent in Vancouver’s Real Estate Market, for his ability to help others navigate the complexities of finding the perfect home. In his free time, you can find Chas exploring his favourite trails in West Vancouver, going on hikes with his partner and their two puppies, or snowboarding on the slopes of Whistler.



Speaks: Mandarin, French, Spanish, English

Jeanne is a French native and global citizen, who now resides and calls the beautiful community of West Vancouver her home. She began her career as a project manager in Shanghai after completing a double degree in International Business and Trade, and Business Administration in Mandarin. Her dedication and strong work-ethic lead her to global success, after living in Taiwan and China for seven years.

As a well-respected businesswoman, Jeanne’s skill set sets her apart, with fluency in four languages (Mandarin, English, French, and Spanish). Her integrity and honest approach, coined with her experience in digital marketing and strong networking skills enable her to provide excellence in a fast-paced, highly competitive environment.

During Jeanne’s free time, she loves spending time outdoors with her two dogs, skiing on the slopes of Whistler, or hiking on the numerous trails Vancouver has to offer. With a big passion for fitness and nature, she believes that a healthy and holistic lifestyle is the key to success.

Chas and his team understand the value of sport in our community and are proud supporters of the West Vancouver Minor Hockey Association.